Do you need a cover for an item and can’t find it?

Here is how we can help you out.tapemeasure

Monitor Measurements:
(close to exact measurements)

  • Dimensions should be as close to accurate as possible. We will add extra for the ease of removing the cover and for seams.
  • For Misc covers the same basic principles apply. If you have an item of unusual shape, place it on newspaper and trace it
  • When specifying your dimensions, remember, we add extra for the seams and to allow for the ease of placing the cover on/off the equipment.

If you prefer to phone or fax in your order, have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-735-1584 email us at

Custom Order Quote

  • An actual description of the item and brand name and/or any corresponding item numbers are very helpful. Please add any additional questions or information you feel we need to know in order to give your cover a nicer fit. We typically put an opening in the back of our monitors as seen above to accommodate the stand and plug.